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In Japan, we used the word keiko which means practicing budou (martial arts) and geidou (traditional performing arts). There is also an old saying keiko shokon which means to understand the present by thinking well about the past. However, keiko is not copying nor imitating. Instead, it refers to observing and learning the method/model developed by ancient experts, and then adding personal flavor to make it one's own. This can apply to artisans as well. What artisans do is to familiarize themselves with the skill that has been passed down through generations, and continue their diligent pursuit to achieve a more efficient and correct way by practice. Day by day, artisans try to find out the best formula to facilitate the working processes by adjusting their posture, sense of finger movements, breathing as well as the way to apply force on the object they are working on, etc., and eventually come to form their unique style after years of pursuits.

We can always see the wonderfulness in the hand movements, because they are nothing random but reasoned and rational. 

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